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Bankruptcy Attorney Modesto

Filing for bankruptcy protection under the United States’ bankruptcy code is a difficult task. It goes beyond looking at some figures and gaining the notion that debts could be easily written off. Conceiving the idea that your debts would be wiped out is great, but there are factors to consider. Your credit score would be affected by bankruptcy and it would be difficult to get a credit card or loan in the short term. You should contact an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Modesto California in order to help you decide the best options available to you. Usually the credit score of those who file for bankruptcy increase within 15 months of filing for bankruptcy. But, the option of buying a home, car, or renting an apartment may be met with extreme difficulty in the meantime.

Contacting a qualified bankruptcy attorney Modesto will help you immensely because he or she would examine other options you may have available to you such credit card debt settlement, budgeting, foreclosure prevention, and mortgage modifications. If all you can do is file for bankruptcy the attorney would guide you in determining the type of bankruptcy to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Prior to filing for bankruptcy, you must take two courses: debt management course and credit counselling course. You can take them within 6 months before filing petition. Additionally, you are required to satisfy the “means test” to find out if your situation (or case) would be eligible to file under Chapter 7 bankruptcy laws so as to prevent an abuse of the bankruptcy laws. You need an experienced bankruptcy attorney Modesto to help you decide which type of bankruptcy to apply for. Having decided the type of bankruptcy you will file for, i.e., Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, you are to fill necessary documents and petition for that bankruptcy.

There are several online self-education programs that tell you that you do not need a bankruptcy attorney before you can file for bankruptcy. It is, however, in your best interest to hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney due to the experience that the attorney would employ to make your case successful. Do not file bankruptcy on your own because of its intricacies. You might not be able to determine which type of bankruptcy would be best suited for you.

Contact a qualified bankruptcy attorney Modesto for legal advice and support as you file bankruptcy. Law Offices of Robert J. Anaya will provide you the best legal service possible. They are experienced and have the best interests of their client at heart. Contact them today to help you get out of your financial distress.