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Modesto DUI Defense Attorney

Driving is fun, but when you are driving while under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs it becomes dangerous not only to you but also to other road users. In order to check against undesired results of drunk driving there are laws that guide conduct of drivers while they are behind the wheels. DUI means “driving under influence.” It is considered an act of grave misconduct to be caught driving under influence. DUI offenses are crimes that are punishable by serious consequences than one can usually bear. Consequently, you would need a Modesto DUI defense attorney to take over the case for you in this type of situation.

A Modesto DUI defense attorney knows several ways of handling critical situations and knows how to tilt the outcome of the DUI case in your favor. Anyone that is convicted of DUI is liable to face DUI penalties which cannot be easily handled, and one of them is imprisonment. Ensure to contact a Modesto DUI defense attorney immediately when you get a ticket for driving under alcohol influence.

It might be the easiest thing to do to plead guilty. However, you should consider the consequences before doing so. Part of the consequences include but are not limited to facing heavy fine penalties, long term jail sentence, and most likely the loss of your driving privileges. In addition to the likelihood of the increase of the cost of your insurance premiums, you could be sentenced by the court to attend alcohol classes, community service, and/or even counselling. All of this, even if you have been convicted with a DUI offense for the very first time.

The Modesto DUI defense attorney would analyze and evaluate all facts and evidences surrounding your case such as how the blood sample was handled, how the test was carried out, and every procedure during the arrest. The state’s alcohol testers may not be 100% accurate, which is why your defense attorney would ascertain if the testing machine was 100% accurate. If it is not 100% accurate, any incorrect evidence against may be dropped and consequently lead to the dismissal of your DUI case. If not checked, an erroneous alcohol level would incriminate you.

It is advised that you should not leave your case to chance if it is your first time of committing the offense. Contact Law Offices of Robert J. Anaya, the best Modesto DUI defense attorney, to look into your case and so they can come up with a strategic way to get you off the hook with regarding your case. With years of experience and having have successfully handled several DUI cases, at Law Offices of Robert J. Anaya, they are committed to helping you protect your rights and keep your freedom.